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If you feel that you have started to lose hair, your doctor will most likely prescribe propecia. Hair loss is a common issue that is faced by both men and women. This process can be treated with the prescribed medication, though the complete recovery should not be expected, since the drug works by blocking certain enzyme responsible for conversion of testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This means that the hair loss will be stopped while the drug is being taken.

The pattern hair loss does not necessarily mean complete hair loss, you may end up with having thin hair, but of course it may lead to partial hair loss or becoming bald eventually. Being bald is not something to be ashamed of, since everyone will become bald in this or that way, but if you prefer to keep your hair, generic propecia might come in handy.

Taking propecia

Propecia is a powerful drug allowing you to keep your hair. It will not recover the lost hair, no will it allow you to gain new hair on the bald spots, but it will surely make you keep the hair that you have got left at the moment when you start taking propecia. Hair loss must not be the reason for you to lose a spark in your life.

Make sure to consult your doctor before taking the medication, since the possible side-effects are quire severe and you must make sure that it will not cause any damage to your health. The prescribed propecia tablets must be taken as suggested by your physician.

One of the reasons for consulting your doctor prior to buying propecia online is that it must be taken for a long period of time. The medication works if there is Finasteride in your blood (it is the active element of the drug). As you understand, to maintain the required effect you will have to keep on taking the drug. When you stop taking it, the amount of Finasteride will become less, and eventually you will start losing hair again, since it is the normal state of your body.

Propecia dosage

Buy Propecia Online Australia

The average dosage is 1mg tablet a day. The drug is active only certain period of time, which brings us to daily treatment to keep the required amount of dihydrotestosterone in your body.

The prescribed dosage must be taken for at least 3 months to achieve the result. Then you must proceed taking the drug for as long as you want to maintain the result. This might mean taking it during your whole life, unless you consider reverting the process at some point.

The hair will return to its original state (or in other words - you will start losing your hair) within the next 12 months after you stop taking propecia.

You might wonder if it is safe to take a drug for this long. Research shows that long-term hair loss treatment with propecia is safe, however you should visit your personal physician once in a while for consultation and analysis.

The drug will block the DHT, allowing you to keep the hair. Please note that propecia blocks up to 70% of dihydrotestosterone, which either slows down or completely stops hair loss.

Propecia side-effects

Propecia tablets work by blocking conversion of testosteróne to male sex hormone, as you understand, the most possible side-effect would be soft erection and most likely decreased sexual activity, which should be confirmed by your doctor before you start taking it.

Being a quite safe drug to use, propecia may also result in the following side-effects:

  • Headache
  • Depression

Low sexual activity is the most frequent side-effect according to the research. Be ready to acquire temporary erectile dysfunction, which might light as long as you keep on taking the hair loss treatment drug.

The research also shows that all the possible side-effects are present only when you take the drug. If you stop taking finasteride, the side-effects will be diminished, and you will be back to normal when the active element is reduced within your body.

Alongside this keep in mind that the hair loss problem will also return and you will proceed to lose hair with the same rate as you did before you took the course of propecia.


There are no strict contradictions about how to take propecia. Among the rules that you should stick to you will find:

  • Consulting your doctor before buying propecia in Australia
  • Taking the prescribed dosage on daily basis
  • Avoid frequent sexual intercourses - for the most part due to possible erectile dysfunction issues as a side-effect, but also because the active drug is present in sement and might harm a female
  • Do not violate the prescribed dosage, since it will most surely increase the chance of side-effects

And remember to instantly contact your local physician in case if serious side-effects. Your doctor must be aware of your current state of health to be able to properly advise the further actions and new prescriptions if necessary.

Where to buy Propecia

Having consulted with your doctor you will be able to decide if propecia cost is worth it. If you choose to treat partial hair loss with this medication, you can easily buy cheap propecia online at any drug store offering required service level.

Make sure that the you do experience hair loss and that it is a permanent process rather than a side-effect of some sort of:

  • Other drugs that you take
  • Serious worries that you've recently had
  • Dieting

When the decision is taken and you wish to treat hair loss with generic propecia, you can choose where to buy the drug. Local stores may offer great propecia price, but if you buy propecia online, you will be guaranteed anonymity with possible discounts and free delivery right to your door within the next 24 hours.

It is up to you to decide where to buy propecia. Australia demands it to be declared at the border, but in all other cases you should simply have the prescription with you to be able to freely take it with you, or purchase at local pharmacy.

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