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When it comes to intimate interaction you shouldn't feel yourself the pleasure of having a proper erection. If you do feel that a help might be needed, consider generic levitra. The drug will provide you with the desired result within the next thirty minutes.

The effect will last long enough to let you accomplish all that you've planned. Medication is usually prescribed for treating erectile dysfunction, but it can also be used to sustain a harder erection if required.

Levitra's effect lasts is a bit longer, which is why you may prefer it to other erectile dysfunction drugs. But in case pay attention to side effects and contradictions.

The normal dosage is 10mg, which can be increased up to the daily maximum of 20mg, or decreases to the available minimum of 5mg, depending on the:

  • Prescription
  • Strong erection
  • Weak erection
  • Side-effects

In any case it is strongly recommended to consult your physician before taking the drug. This will reduce the chance of ruining the intercourse with possible side-effects.

Taking Levitra

Buy Levitra Online Australia

Generic levitra is taken orally with a glass of water about 30 minutes before the expected copulation. Note that sexual stimulation will help to achieve erection sooner. It is important to be in the mood for having sex since the pill alone will not produce the desired effect.

Levitra tablet is available in a number of dosages. You should start with the 10 mg, which is a normal daily dose for an average male person.

Poor erection may be the result of taking the erectile dysfunction pills:

  • Before a fat meal
  • After a fat meal
  • With alcohol
  • While disturbed

If you want to be sure about the dosage that you may take, as well as about the possible side-effects due to various reasons including health issues, please contact your physician, who will consult you and issue a prescription.

Levitra dosage

If you're searching for an erectile dysfunction drug that works fast, keeps you longing for several hours, and is quite affordable, then you should be looking at levitra price. Australia drug shops offer this medication at various dosage, allowing a male person to take any required amount to get erection:

  • 10 mg - it is a normal dosage that suits most of the patients. If you do not feel the effect within the next 30 minutes, consider sexual stimulation as a boost that will help you concentrate on the intercourse, rather than on anything else that is in this case is a disturbing factor that prevents you from having an erection.
  • 20 mg - is a maximum daily dosage that you should not be allowing yourself to take each time. You should consider this levitra dosage only if the regular 10mg dosage produces no effect. In all other cases just try getting in the mood and relaxing. The pill will do the rest.
  • 5 mg - the minimum dosage that you can take on daily basis to be always ready for something exciting.

Note that dosage depends on the current health state, and the right dosage may be detected by visiting a doctor. Do not hesitate to tell the specialist about your health issue and the medications that you are currently taking, since it is not recommended to mix levitra with other drugs.

The dosage initially may depend on your age. The older you are the higher becomes the concentration of vardenafil. Research shows that the recommended dosage for a male of 65 is 5mg, while the younger men have lower vardenafil concentration and may take 10mg-20mg dosages if required.

Levitra side-effects

Levitra may produce side-effects, which can be avoided if you consider talking to your doctor prior to buying levitra online or offline in any local store. Make sure you explain your worries and tell everything a doctor should know about your:

  • Heart disease
  • Other drugs that you are taking / was taking
  • Diseases you recently had
  • Issues with stomach
  • Issues with liver
  • Issues with blood pressure

As a result of such consultation, you will know the allowed dosage and if you should buy levitra at all. Taking letra without prescription or proper consultation may lead to side effects, which comprise a list of harmless disturbing ones, as well as a bit serious ones, depending on your health condition. Here belong:

  • Headache
  • Blushing
  • Indigestion
  • Temporary vision issues
  • Vertigo
  • Rush
  • Ongoing erection

In any of the above mentioned as well as in case of any other side-effect you must instantly ask for help. This especially refers to an erection lasting more than two hours. The hard erection may be produced for not more than 40 minutes, while the effect allows to have erection several time within the next 24 hours.


Just like any other drug Levitra has certain contradictions, which will help you avoid unpleasant experience with side-effects or weak erection.

The contradiction mostly refer to the combination of Levitra with other drugs and considering health issues, which you may not be aware of. Your personal physician should be aware of all such cases, so visiting one is something you should do.

However, you may of course buy Levitra without prescription in numerous drugstores, both online and local, but in this case you must be sure that it won't interact with any of the medications that you are taking, or that it won't affect your health, especially if you have issues that you are aware of.

Where to buy Levitra

Levitra is a popular erectile dysfunction drug, which can be found in any drug store. The choice mostly falls on the ones that you prefer better. You may order packs of 2-24 pills depending on the offer and your personal intimate schedule.

Try getting it in your local stores, which may offer certain discounts on levitra. Australia boasts of numerous drugstore networks that are loyal to their customers and provide deliveries over the night if required.

At the same time the online stores is the best choice for private shopping, allowing you to buy levitra incognito with the order delivered right to your door. This eliminates the risk of someone noticing a pack of pills in your mailbox as for instance.

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Denial of responsibility

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